LEE EUNSAE              
work in Seoul


MFA, Korea National University of Arts, Department of Fine Art, Seoul, KR
BFA, Hongik University, Department of Painting, Seoul, KR.

Solo Exhibition

2023 ‘Cold Rub’, PHD Group, Hong Kong
2022 ‘Night Freaks : Squat’, L21, Mallorca, Spain
2021 ‘Dear My Hate-Angel-God’, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul
2020  ‘As Usual’, Gallery 2, Seoul
2018  ‘Night Freaks’, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul
2016  ‘Guilty-Image-Colony’, Gallery 2, Seoul
2015  ‘Crack; Interference; Witnesses’, Seoul Art Space - Seogyo, Seoul
2015  ‘Crack; Interference; Witness’, Gallery Chosun, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2022  ‘Flèche‘, Korean Cultural Center, HK
           ‘My Sleep’, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
          ‘UNBOXING PROJECT: Today‘, NewSpring Project, Seoul
           ‘Tabby bone’ GPU, Seoul ☞ https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=a391q6zJFns
          ‘Rendering‘ PHD Group, Hongkong
          ‘Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm Act 1–Act 2‘ Art Sonje Center, Seoul
2021  ‘Though We Dance’ Cosmo40, Inchoen ☞ www.thoughwedance.com
          ‘CHERNOBYL PAPERS‘, Chernobyl, Ukraine ☞ https://bit.ly/3yImI5S
          ‘as the Practice of Learning’ Nam-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
          ‘əráivəl’ MMCA Goyang Residency Studio 6, Goyang
          ‘A Women, Born’ Suwon Museum of Art, Suwon
2020 ‘VLADIMIR et ESTRAGON’, Art Space Pool, Seoul
          ‘Spread Her Seeds’ Space illi, Seoul
2019  ‘The Best World Possible', PLATFORM-L, Seoul
          ‘Kahn Parade 2019;, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
          ‘Finity Mirror’, SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul
          ‘Nothing’, Kyobo Art Space, Seoul
          ‘Young Korean Artists 2019: Liquid Glass Sea’, MMCA, Gwacheon
          ‘The Sea will Not Sink’ Artspace Boan, Seoul
2018  ‘MOTIF’, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
           ‘SSamzie Space 1998-2008-2018
            : Enfants Terribles, As Ever‘ Donuimun Open Creative Village, Seoul
          ‘Salt of the Jungle’, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Hanoi
2017  ‘Salt of the Jungle’, Asean Culture House, Busan
          ‘PING PONG’, Gallery 175, Seoul
          ‘Project HOPE?’, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
          ‘Salt of the Jungle’ KF Gallery, Seoul
          ‘The painting’ Open space BAE, Busan
          ‘Read My Lips’, Hapjeongjigu, Seoul
2016  ‘Reminiscent of colors’, Space 9, Seoul
           ‘Eyes open to everyone’, Gallery White Block, Paju
2015  ‘The Idea of North: Schizo-Geography’, Amado Art Space/Lab, Seoul
2014  ‘The Showcase’, Seoul Art Space - Seogyo, Seoul
           ‘Unfamiliar air’, Space BM, Seoul
           ‘Today’s Salon’, Common Center, Seoul
           ‘Chilled Edge’, KNUA Gallery, Seoul
2013   ‘Eastern Monsters, Triangle Art Festival’,Space k, Gwanju
           ‘Drawn to drawing’, Gallery 175, Seoul
           ‘Drawn to drawing’, Gallery NAKAI, Kyoto
           ‘Drawn to drawing’, Gallery KAZE, Osaka
2012  ’37.9°N 22.9°N’, Kunshan art gallery, Taiwan
2011   ‘L'attente L’oubli’, Gallery Bokdo, Seoul   
2011   ‘Heavy, Deep and Dark’, Yeemock Gallery, Seoul


2019  ‘The-scrap : Happy Together’ Seoul and Hong Kong
           ‘Unknown Asia’, Osaka
2018  ‘Taste View’ Tasting Room, seoul
2017  ‘Taste View’ Tasting Room, seoul
2016  ‘The-scrap’ Dondaemun-gu, Seoul
           ‘Black market’, Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul
2015  ‘Goods 2015’, Sejong Center, Seoul

Awards & Programs

2021 Incheon Art Platform Residency
2020 MMCA Goyang Residency
2019  SeMA Nanji Residency
2018  K’ARTS Studio (Residency)
2014  Promising Art Support program, Seoul Art Space, SFAC
2013  ‘Eastern Monsters, Art In culture

2018 ‘Eunsae Lee’, URSULAPress